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Finally, you can make money by selling your old and used clothes online! Where to sell clothes for money? Here are 6 popular websites to check!

It is time to clean your closet and sell all those pieces of clothing you don’t wear anymore! Now, you have an opportunity to make extra money by selling your clothes online. But, where to sell your old and used clothes for money? Are there any specialized websites or online marketplaces you can use?

In this article, we are going to present you the 6 best websites for selling clothes online:

  1. Tradesy – Here you can sell absolutely any type of clothing in your wardrobe. The item should be in a good condition, you need to offer detailed information and add quality photos. With that, this website will you an estimation of how much your item might sell for. If you are happy with the price, you can post your item, and expect someone to purchase it.
  2. ASOS – A very popular online marketplace and a common haunt for fashion addicts. You can open your own ASOS store and get an Account Manager to assist you in managing your sales. The fee for opening your own store is $30 per month and ASOS will take 20% commission on the sale.
  3. Copious – This is one of the most targeted marketplaces. All you need to do is upload a photo of the clothes you plan to sell, add a bit of text, and invite your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to check them via a text message.
  1. Bib + Tuck – If you are looking for something more curated, this could be the perfect website for you. It is similar to the other websites, it is very easy to list and product and attract new buyers. This website is all about getting your items high visibility. Bib + Tuck take 15% commission from the sales.
  2. Vaunte – This is a perfect online marketplace for all who wants to sell their top-of-the-line name brands. Vaunte is full of great deals and promotions on expensive and luxury pieces. It takes 15% commission on the sales.
  3. Poshmark – Post a photo of your item, add details such as size, brand, color, and etc, add a listing price, and you are done. You are up and running your own online clothing shop. Poshmark takes $3 for sales under $15 and 20% for sales over that.

Pick your favorite website and start selling today! Click here.